Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shot Tracker - Delete Shot

To delete a shot that has been recorded, long press the shot in the results table to pull up a menu. Choose the Delete option and it will remove that shot.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shot Tracker 1.0

We are wrapping up the finishing touches on our first application for the Android platform - Shot Tracker. Shot Tracker is for the golf enthusiast who is looking for a tool to tell them how far they hit their clubs on the course. You can track one shot, just your drives, or all shots during your round.

Welcome to Shot Tracker. You'll need to make sure that your GPS is turned on so that you measure your golf shots. Also, adjust your screen brightness so that you can see the screen in the full sun.

Before trying to measure your shot, make sure that your phone's GPS receiver has a good lock.

To get started, change the club if necessary and press the Start Shot button where you hit your shot from. The yardage will update as you move to your ball.

Once you have hit your shot, select your club from the drop down menu and click the Start Shot button. The yardage will update as you move around the course.

Once you have hit a few shots, you can view your average distance for each club by selecting Stats from the Menu options.

Look for Shot Tracker in the Android Market soon.