Friday, May 28, 2010

Activity Timer

Introducing a new app from LiteDroid Studios - Activity Timer. 

Activity Timer is a visual countdown timer.

Use it to track any activity that needs to be timed such as your child's  TV time, game time, or even a time out(!). Or your exercise, yoga, cooking, grilling, or just about anything else.

To set a timer, use the timer like a dial and press start.

Lite version limited to 10 minutes. The full version will be able to time up to 60 minutes.

The Lite version is currently available in the Android Market.

Full version coming soon!

Preferences are available for:

  • Timer color change (Red->Yellow->Green)
  • Show Timer arrow hand
  • Show/Hide end button (keeps kids from stopping it)
  • Keep screen on while running
  • Alarm Sound (Full version only)


  1. Would like to purchase full version but I dont have access to market. please consider marktet

  2. Good app, it just needs to keep memory of where I'm at when I pause a task and need to switch to another task. As of Jan 2013, pausing and switching to another task resets the original task's time to full. I'd really like to be able to switch between all my daily tasks.