Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Golf Shot Tracker 1.20

Version 1.20 of Golf Shot Tracker has hit the Android Market. The big new feature for this release is custom clubs names. You can add clubs with your own name. For instance, if you carry two drivers in your bag, you can now track them separately.

  • Custom Club Names
  • Distances can now be shown in feet (especially for disc golf)
  • Delete club (and shots associated with it)
  • Delete saved shots for a single club
  • Delete all saved shots (system reset)

Leave comments here or post them to the Android Market. I actively watch feedback to add new features, so keep it coming!

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  1. Hi... A great feature that would be nice to have on this ap is the sugestion of club. When you get to the ball and you switch on the gps the ap should sugest a club for the avarege distanses recorded... it should even sugest club for down wind and against wind... The wind conditions should be able to preset on startup so it diveds the theretical proper amount. Could be seen like this.

    Distance to whole 144m
    Sugested club downwind 8I (avarege 130m)
    Sugested club neutral wind 7I(avarage 140m)
    Sugested club wind against 6I (avarage 150m)



  2. MyTouch 3G never acquires GPS lock! Any suggestions?

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  4. Great app. One missing feature is renaming clubs.

    I use this for disc golf and for different wind conditions I just enter a club as a disc + conditions (for instance: Pro Wraith 169 right medium)

    Another small but very useful feature would be a button to track from last starting point instead of current GPS coordinate. I like to throw alot of discs at once and then measure. This would be equally relevant for golfers.